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Message started by Buzz on 02/08/10 at 9:36am

Title: Bus Cameras/GPS
Post by Buzz on 02/08/10 at 9:36am

I believe these are the cameras the company is using ...

     Data stored on removable SD card
     Video/audio can be replayed on any computer, no special de-coding subscription required
     Shut-down timer allows continued recording with the engine turned off
     Integrated GPS tracking
     Speed, direction, location, vehicle number and date/time stamp

For more info, go to link below and check out the Brochure and Video links on that page ..

What do you think?

Title: Re: Bus Cameras/GPS
Post by Slim Pickins on 02/08/10 at 11:15am

This is a Good/ Bad situation.....

The Good---
If you have a Horrible run.... You now have a device that will make the kids less nuts.. THey will THINK before they do something -- Just because there is a camera on the bus doesn't mean you don't have to do write ups.... You still must document everything if you have a problem on the bus.....

The Bad----
     It's an invasion of privacy  WHEN THERE ARE NO KIDS ON THE BUS----- There is no reason for the Camera to be on if there are no kids on the bus... Let me explain---- The Inside camera should be disabled --- The GPS could still be activated  but I don't agree with the CAMERA being on with no kids on the bus there is no reason for it....

My PERSONAL opinion about the camera's     -----   It doesnt bother me at all , and I really hope that it helps drivers with really BAD students on the bus, I hope that it turns out as a GOOD thing that helps Drivers and Matrons

Title: Re: Bus Cameras/GPS
Post by Buzz on 02/08/10 at 11:21am

Judging solely from what I see in the links I provided, it would be almost impossible to identify a kid sitting more than a few seats from the front due to the type of lens used. I have seen video from the old cameras and those videos inside the bus were much better ... bigger, clearer and minimal distortion. These units seem to be much better suited to monitoring the driver rather than the kids.

Title: Re: Bus Cameras/GPS
Post by 4real on 02/08/10 at 6:04pm

oh you thought this was to moniter the kids :o :o.. they dont get fines...

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